The 10 Best Documentaries for High School Students

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It’s difficult to imagine anything more helpful in contemporary cinematography than documentaries. Documentaries for high school students is an entire art category! You need to be a master to present the information in an involving and correct way simultaneously. Documentaries can’t be boring if they explore various mysteries or secrets. Indeed, documentaries can make students more independent thanks to clarifying their rights. The appointed list of documentaries has to support students’ decision-making processes. Be it their lifestyle, approach to work, or daily information.  


Super Size Me (2004)

Morgan Spurlock, an award-winning director, embarked on a risky adventure at Sundance. He decided to conduct a social experiment on his own body by consuming only McDonald’s food for an entire month. However, things took an unexpected turn as he witnessed his weight skyrocket and his energy levels take a nosedive.






The Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis (2017)

It was a time of chaos and despair, where the world was still healing from the aftermath of World War I. Amidst this turmoil, a man with an unquenchable thirst for power emerged, fueled by hate and rage. His name was Adolf Hitler, and he would go on to create one of the most notorious regimes in history – the Nazi Party.




Ancient Mesopotamia: Life in the Cradle of Civilization (2018)

Mesopotamia, a land of mystery and wonder. A place where ancient civilizations rose and fell, leaving behind a rich legacy that continues to intrigue us to this day. From the cradle of civilization emerged groundbreaking advancements in architecture, agriculture, and trade. But beyond the physical achievements lies a story waiting to be uncovered.





Interesting Documentaries for High School Students about Art

A History of Art in Three Colors (2012). How can we imagine documentaries for high school students without art? A History of Art in Three Colors is a short set of series. You can simply watch it in a single session on YouTube. The documentary tells the way colors have been changing the history of art. It’s so exciting! Did you know why gold has become so precious? In Ancient Egypt, it was the most shiny material. People used to associate it with the sun and divine power. The approach to other colors would impact people’s attitude to creativity too. Seniors will appreciate the secrets of world-known masterpieces.


Game of Thrones: The Last Watch (2019). It’s crucial to learn about the history of art. But we need to prepare for its influence in today’s world too. Game of Thrones: The Last Watch isn’t only for the fans of the original TV show. The documentary demonstrates the entire potential of modern artists. It can be an actor, a costume designer, a visual master… But all these professions emerge into the top superpower together. The movie will make the students familiar with the diverse world of today’s cinematography. The latter unites all possible types of art currently. It’s fantastic to see how much does it take to film something about war. 



Top Documentaries for High School Students that Like Politics

Niccolo Machiavelli – BBC Documentary (2013). The documentary about Machiavelli can introduce students to the communication skills. Even though the thinker’s figure is controversial, his legacy clarifies a lot. Students usually awe at the central ideas in the documentary. While it can inspire a high schooler to read The Prince, it’s like a professional film. The latter is very important for making unique and interesting documentaries. The soundtrack fits the topic perfectly. The music also creates a special atmosphere here. The authors and interviewees have managed to make an insight into Machiavelli-s philosophy. They observe it as something more morally normal than the majority believes it is.


Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004). Another significant documentary which refers to politics. However, this time, the movie reveals moral problems instead of strategies to solve them. Michael Moore researches the day of the tragic attack at the Twin Towers. He provides unbelievable data about Buch’s reactions and his actions on that day. The director looks for the hidden meaning behind the former president’s relations too. Have you ever thought about the way an American president can maintain dangerous friendships? A must watch for teens to make their view of political events more realistic. They need to make informed decisions when voting. 


JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass (2021). This is a movie for those who always seek the truth. To understand the contemporary community, we need to see what has formed it. The documentary is Oliver Stone’s second attempt to discuss J. F. Kennedy’s murder. Why would politics try hiding the truth about it? The work teaches to appreciate principle leaders with real values. It also proves that people have to be cautious with the information they consume. Online fact-checking is necessary for avoiding manipulation by sponsored media sources. A professional essay writing service CustomWritings assists students on fact-checking, research and academic writing too. 


Beware of Those Who Want to Spoil Your Lifestyle!

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009). When it comes to Michael Moore’s films, you can’t stop watching them. The director has numerous educational documentaries on social issues. You can find them on Netflix either. This great movie can help students to write essays and papers about the economic system. The documentary is exceptionally helpful for the United States residents. If you want to operate your money right, beware of unfair schemes. Those can have a pretty official status and you’ll never pay attention to that. Unless you’re already in trouble and the government can’t help you. Then who will? Michael Moore has a pessimistic response – probably, no one. 


Sicko (2007). Caring about your relations and business is great. But who needs its fruits if your health is bad? Sicko helps to realize that the healthcare system has a lot of issues too. However, citizens are the only ones who suffer. They aren’t interested in the way brands make popular food less natural on purpose. The director reminds us of the acute question which is widespread nowadays. Why do politicians spoil healthcare intentionally? All due to the fight between different ideological movements. Nevertheless, such a factor cannot compensate for people’s suffering.


Super Size Me (2004). We have a similar story now. The movie is one of the most favorite documentaries among students. The reason is that they consume fast food a lot. Students don’t have time to cook or there can be other obstacles. And fast food is always cheaper and easier to get. The product empire doesn’t leave anyone hungry! Only ill and powerless. Because health issues can hardly stimulate students to study and work harder. Students will need to watch this film to save their health. They will see that eating healthy is more meaningful than fashion magazines or academic journals tell. 


Documentaries as an Inspiration to Stay Humane 

Earthlings (2005). Whenever we question the work of the healthcare system, we focus on the food industry. The same topic leads to discussing moral dilemmas like consuming animal food. Experts believe that Earthlings is the most decisive documentary movie that exists yet. It’s not about saving animals – it’s about saving the human heart. We can’t force people to stop eating meat. Nor should we! We only have to advocate for humane conditions on the farms and factories. It’s absolutely abnormal what factories do to their animals. All these problems happen because of the economic challenges. Documentaries like this teach college students about the genuine price of affordable products.


The Cove (2009). Finally, it will be advantageous to check a documentary about dolphins. Intelligent, empathic, and helpless animals. Students travel a lot and they dream of visiting foreign lands. Japan has become really trendy nowadays because of anime and J-pop culture. And it’s unlikely that you know how violent it can be. Japan isn’t the only country in today’s world which abuses animals. To be honest, almost any country does. But good documentaries serve as an ultimate stimulus to stop this violence. Such inspirational documentaries make activists more confident. It’s never too late to fight against injustice.


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