History of Helicopters Helicopter Invention

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The earliest invention for vertical flight that we know comes from China. It is known that since 400 years BC, children in China played with bamboo flying toys. Children attached a stick to a rotor, and spun it by rolling it. The spinning of the stick creates a lift and then the toy helicopter flies when released.

Since then, helicopters have evolved vastly. The earliest invention that we can say was a machine that can fly away was done by Leonardo da Vinci, the same painter known for his masterpiece, Mona Lisa.

Nowadays, helicopters are more of a helping hand in technology than a toy or a machine. Helicopters serve mostly for fast transport, helping hospitals, military, and police to transfer their men from point A to point B quickly.

The documentary takes a look at the whole journey that the helicopter had to pass, from the bamboo toys in China, to the early designs in the 15th and 16th century, to the industrial revolution and the steam engine, to the helicopters we use today.

Sit down, and enjoy the ride to fully understand how much effort mankind had to invest in order for us to enjoy the benefits we enjoy today.

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