Hiring monkeys to harvest coconuts

Aug 29, 2023 | Animals, Nature, Videos

Monkeys are performing an incredible task as they climb three million coconut trees in order to harvest their bounty. Amazingly, these primates can pick up to 1,000 coconuts per day! Their strength and coordination is a marvel to behold while their intelligence and agility continue to astound us.

This amazing feat of nature can be seen in the documentary “Monkeys Harvesting Coconuts”, which follows the daily lives of monkeys as they climb up and down tall coconut trees. The documentary takes a closer look at how this harvesting process works, from the journey up the tree to the collection of coconuts. Additionally, viewers will get a glimpse into the life of other animals living around them.

The documentary also delves into how climate change has impacted monkey populations over time and how it continues to affect their food sources. Viewers will gain valuable insight into what steps are being taken to ensure that these beautiful creatures continue to thrive despite changing weather conditions.

So if you’re looking for an inspiring way to learn more about nature, “Monkeys Harvesting Coconuts” is definitely worth your time! Through its creativity and captivating visuals, this documentary provides both education and entertainment alike. So don’t miss out – watch it today!

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David B