Hells Angels: Outlaw Bikers

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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club or simply HAMC is one of the biggest clubs worldwide and they prefer to ride the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This club was formed in 1948 by the Bishop family, who were actually war immigrants in California.

In order to become a Hells Angels prospect, candidates must have a valid driver's license, a motorcycle over 750cc, and have the right combination of personal qualities. It is said the club excludes child molesters and individuals who have applied to become police or prison officers. In the U.S. Department of Justice, they are considered as an organized crime syndicate. The Hells Angels are one the “big four” motorcycle gangs, including the Pagans, Outlaws and the Bandidos. These gangs all are involved in violent crimes, drug dealing, trafficking stolen goods and prostitution, member are getting constantly arrested for such crimes.

Kurt Sutter created a TV series about the Hells Angels called Sons of Anarchy in 2008, it was showing most of the things the gang did from resources of original members of the Hells Angels club. This documentary will show you some real footage of what was going on in the club and why they are so feared all over the world.

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