“Hell on earth”: Eastern Ghouta

Dec 12, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In Eastern Ghouta, Syria, the recent government siege has been aptly dubbed “hell on Earth” by the UN. It’s difficult to imagine how people are surviving under those devastating conditions, but this powerful documentary provides a glimpse into the raw reality faced by the residents.
Told from a third-person perspective, the film follows Hassan, a resident of Douma in the rebel stronghold of Eastern Ghouta, as he navigates the struggles of everyday life amid ongoing shelling and airstrikes. The footage he has captured in this battle zone is both haunting and heart-wrenching. It provides a gut-wrenching look into the region underscored by reports from international aid organizations and others who live in the area. Despite the increasing death toll, which stands at around 900, the international community has failed to intervene meaningfully while aid convoys find it difficult to gain access to the area. For now, the survivors can only hold onto hope while they continue to fight for their lives.

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David B