Money, happiness and eternal life – Greed (Director’s Cut)

Apr 30, 2023 | Lifestyle, People, Social, Videos

In our quest for happiness, we often equate it with success, money, and power. But can we really find true fulfillment through material possessions? These are some of the central questions explored in the upcoming documentary, “The Greed Program.”

From acclaimed director Jane Smith, the film delves deep into the nature of human desire and its consequences. Featuring interviews with experts in psychology, sociology, and economics, “The Greed Program” offers a thought-provoking analysis of our current consumerist society. Through the lens of individuals who have been both perpetrators and victims of excessive materialism, the film takes us on a gripping journey to explore the origins and effects of greed. In this urgent wake-up call to society, we witness firsthand the cost of our insatiable appetite for possessions, and are left to ponder the question: is it too late to change course?

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David B