Guns For Hire (Afghanistan)

Oct 12, 2023 | Military/War, Political, Videos

Guns For Hire: Afghanistan is a hard-hitting documentary set in the secretive and sometimes dangerous world of private military companies. The film follows former war reporter Sam Kiley as he explores this unique industry, which goes unseen by most members of the public.

Along the way, the documentary provides an exclusive interview with Jack Idema – a former US Marine Special Forces soldier who was arrested in Kabul’s Polecharki jail on kidnapping charges. Idema had infamously been hunting for Osama Bin Laden with the promise of receiving a 2 million dollar reward from the Bush Administration.

This documentary takes viewers inside these private military firms, some of whom are contracted by Britain and America to fulfill tasks that their own armies simply can’t handle. From exploring their motivations and practices to assessing how they carry out their goals, Guns For Hire: Afghanistan offers an unprecedented look at this mysterious realm.

The film also delves into issues of morality and accountability when it comes to mercenary activity – making it essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding issues related to modern warfare and global security.

So if you’re looking for a captivating documentary that delves deep into this often misunderstood sector of global conflict, make sure to check out Guns For Hire: Afghanistan!

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David B