Guardians of the Amazon

Jun 19, 2024 | Environmental, Videos

The Amazon rainforest, home to over three million species of plants and animals, has been under attack. The far-right government in Brazil has embraced the destruction of this precious environmental resource in favor of increased commercial development. The indigenous people who populate the forest have been largely voiceless and powerless against these forces—until now.

Enter the Guardians, a mysterious group comprised of brave souls determined to protect their lands from illegal loggers. With only maps, satellite images, and machete-wielding courage on their side, they have set out to hunt down those responsible for razing their beloved home.

Armed with rifles and bulletproof vests, they venture deep into the depths of the jungle with nothing but commitment and tenacity guiding them. In spite of the ever-present danger that lurks around every corner, they will not be deterred from their purpose: to make sure justice is served for all of those whose livelihoods have been destroyed by greedy poachers.

Tragically, it seems that President Jair Bolsonaro’s public rhetoric does nothing but encourage continued destruction, despite repeated attempts by filmmakers to hold his feet to the fire. But that doesn’t stop these heroes from doing their best to combat these injustices—even at great risk to themselves—and they continue to fight for what is rightfully theirs against all odds.

This struggle is explored in exhaustive detail in ABC News’ documentary Guardians of the Amazon. Through its lens, viewers are given an intimate look at a battle between those wishing to preserve natural beauty and those determined to exploit it for monetary gain. It’s an absorbing story filled with thrilling moments and heartbreaking losses as we come face-to-face with some truly heroic individuals attempting a herculean task against formidable enemies. For anyone looking for a real-life David vs Goliath narrative that speaks volumes about our current state of affairs, this is absolutely required viewing!

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