Greece: Illegal Pushbacks of Asylum Seekers

Sep 30, 2023 | Crime, People, Videos

Despite the right of potential asylum seekers to apply for asylum in Europe, the Greek coastguard has been pushing them back towards Turkish waters. This tactic is a violation of EU human rights law and goes against international refugee protection standards.

The Greek government has promised its electorate to reduce the flow of migrants into the country and thus, it continues to use this illegal tactic as a means of keeping their promise. This heartbreaking situation has been captured in an Al Jazeera documentary entitled “Pushed Back to Peril” which documents the challenging journey that many asylum seekers face when they attempt to reach Europe.

The documentary follows four individuals from different backgrounds as they take on this hazardous journey and is narrated by award-winning journalist Mohammed Jamjoom. It captures their pain, suffering, and determination as they strive to make it safely across the sea.

The story told in “Pushed Back to Peril” serves as a grim reminder of what happens when human rights are violated and ignored. It is essential viewing for those who want to gain an insight into why so many people risk their lives by attempting dangerous voyages across the Mediterranean Sea.

We encourage viewers to watch “Pushed Back To Peril” and join us in calling for changes that will ensure safe passage for those who seek safety in Europe and elsewhere. We must never forget that each one of these people has a right to life, liberty, security, and well-being — regardless of where they come from or why they have fled their homelands.

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David B