Great Wide Open

Jan 15, 2024 | Nature, Videos

Jared Leto has crafted an impressive tribute to those who explore and admire America’s stunning national parks with his multi-part documentary series titled Great Wide Open. From the picturesque scenes of Yosemite to the wildlife of Yellowstone, viewers are taken on a journey that celebrates commitment, thrill-seeking exploration, and the power of nature.

The first episode introduces us to Tommy Caldwell, a self-proclaimed “super nerdy” rock climber who achieved fame in 2004 for being the first free climber to ascend the towering Dihedral Wall in Yosemite National Park. Audiences get an intimate look at Caldwell’s daring but incredibly steady climb as he and Leto join forces during this challenge.

Renan Ozturk takes center stage in episode two, demonstrating not only his formidable climbing skills but also his impressive cinematography talents. Ozturk captures incredible footage of nature’s wonders while sharing his deep appreciation for artistry and detail as he and Leto take on their own mountainside climb.

Alex Honnold is featured in the third installment of Great Wide Open. He has made a name for himself by scaling unimaginable heights without ever failing to inspire awe among climbers everywhere. Through candid conversations with Leto, Honnold reveals how climbing has shaped his views on life and death as well as how one can find simplicity even while living on the edge of mortality.

The series concludes with Doug Smith, a wolf biologist at Yellowstone National Park who provides an insightful tour of the park’s abundant wildlife. Great Wide Open brings attention to mountain climbers’ inner strength and urges viewers to appreciate nature’s grandeur and beauty from all perspectives.

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or someone just looking for some peaceful escape, Great Wide Open is sure to captivate you with its vivid imagery, profound insights, thrilling stories, and incredible cinematography – all brought together under Jared Leto’s creative direction. So come along on this remarkable journey through America’s most majestic landscapes!

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David B