Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine

Oct 7, 2023 | Crime, Drugs, Videos

Cocaine is infiltrating popular culture, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey is no exception. In this two-part documentary series, we see Ramsay investigate the growing use of cocaine in the United Kingdom. He uncovers a shocking truth behind the glamorized image: a checkered criminal history, extreme cruelty, and an unfortunate death toll due to illegal drug trafficking.

In Britain alone over 140,000 drug-related offences were reported in 2017, costing over 10 billion pounds. Gordon’s own brother became addicted to cocaine and his head chef died from a cocaine-related accident, making this investigation even more personal. This is why he has joined both police and military forces in the U.K. and abroad to comprehend the magnitude of the issue at hand.

From testing restaurant bathrooms for traces of drugs – which are often used as cesspools for dealers – to uncovering street sales of cocaine on a daily basis in major cities; he has gone deep into the jungles of South America to discover how exactly cocaine production works and how it gets smuggled into other countries.

This documentary series not only sheds light on Gordon’s personal experiences with drugs but also brings attention to an alarming reality that plagues many people today – drugs can have devastating consequences and must be addressed accordingly. If you want to learn more about this important issue then don’t miss out on watching Gordon Ramsey’s Cocaine Trail!

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David B