The power of the drugs mafia – Cocaine and the Netherlands

May 6, 2023 | Drugs, Health, Medicine, People, Social, Videos

An underground world of brutality and corruption, the documentary ‘Dutch Cocaine Mafia Exposed’ uncovers the shocking extent of organized crime in the Netherlands. With a surge in the cocaine trade leading to billions in profits, mafia gangs in the country are finding it increasingly easy to bribe individuals at crucial points in the chain, further consolidating their hold. Against this backdrop, a spate of high-profile murders of journalists, key witnesses, and even lawyers has left the authorities with no doubt: the Dutch criminal underworld is tearing the nation apart.

With unprecedented access to investigators, lawyers, and former couriers, the documentary delves into the history of the so-called Mocro mafia, tracing the rise of this brutal criminal network and following investigators as they race against time, fighting to expose and disrupt the supply lines of the gang. At the heart of the trial is the Marengo case, the largest trial in Dutch history, where several leading members of the Mocro Mafia stand accused of murder, bringing into focus the extreme violence and corruption that characterizes this pervasive criminal network. Step into this murky and dangerous world, as we take you inside the port of Rotterdam, offering an unflinching glimpse into the perilous fight against Dutch organized crime.

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David B