Give Me Sex Jesus

Jan 7, 2024 | Sexuality, Videos

The documentary Give Me Sex Jesus takes a deep dive into the Evangelical Purity Movement, a movement that revolves around abstinence before marriage. The film follows several individuals who believe in the teachings of the movement and adhere to them without hesitation or regret, as well as those who have felt ostracized and shamed by its demands. It is these perspectives that make this film an enlightening, yet sometimes harrowing exploration of sex and morality in our modern society.

The Purity Movement saw a resurgence in the wake of the AIDS crisis, emphasizing abstinence from all impure thoughts and actions as a way to lead a more fulfilling life. Through candid interviews with supporters as well as detractors of this movement, audiences get to witness the full spectrum of opinions on this issue. On one hand, believers see it as an expression of respect for religious doctrine, while on the other hand others criticize it for its potential to shame people and inflict irreparable damage upon their mental and physical health.

In addition, viewers are presented with questions related to pornography, homosexuality, and other topics surrounding sex that society often deems “taboo”. These conversations provide a stark reminder that sex is always going to be tied to morality and faith in some form or another; even if we try our best to ignore it.

Give Me Sex Jesus is important viewing for everyone looking for an insightful look at how different religions approach sex within their communities. Through honest conversations about the complexities of sexual purity everyone walks away from this documentary with something new – whether it be affirmation or enlightenment about certain beliefs – making it essential viewing for anyone interested in exploring these topics further.

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David B