Gigantic Power Generator | Mega Transports

Aug 2, 2023 | Technology, Videos

A team of German heavy-lift specialists faced an enormous challenge when tasked with transporting a 390-ton generator from a disused coal plant to its new operation site – 120 kilometers away. The total cost for the move was a staggering €12 million!
The journey was not an easy one. The gigantic, modular transport structure used to haul the colossus required constant modification while in transit to overcome the distance. From small, winding country roads in Voerde to navigating tight roundabouts, steep curves, and ramshackle bridges, the team encountered numerous obstacles.
The transport team used a pontoon to take the stator 80 kilometers down the Rhine. But this was only the beginning. The team had to fight against heavy rain, technical problems, and unexpected changes of plans.
The urgency of the task added to the tension. The team only had 10 days to complete the transport, and the permits were valid for the same duration. With a budget of one million euros, every second of the journey counted.
This Mega Transport was not ideal. It took nine months of careful planning and preparation to deliver what may be one of the most significant hauls of all time.
Are you intrigued by the story? Do you want to witness the nail-biting journey and see how the team overcame obstacles? Watch our documentary and follow the team of experts on their daring journey to transport the €12 million generator across the narrow villages of Germany.

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David B