The life of the super-rich in Central Africa | DW Documentary

Apr 22, 2023 | Crime, Justice, People, Political, Social, Videos

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, riches and poverty coexist in seemingly impossible ways. While many of its citizens suffer from abject poverty, a few have amassed vast fortunes, all fuelled by the country’s enormous natural resources. Here, music superstars, businessmen, mining tycoons, entrepreneurs and even preachers have all managed to make their millions, defying the country’s many challenges and thriving amid its chaos.

But as a new documentary reveals, this seeming prosperity is not without its dark side. The film explores the stories of those who have benefited from Congo’s economy, surveying their opulent lifestyles alongside the landscapes and people who have suffered at the hands of the same system. Raw and revealing, the documentary shines a light on stories that are often overlooked, inviting viewers to consider not only Congo’s complex reality, but also the responsibility of those who profit from it.

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Thomas B.