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May 7, 2023 | Business, Technology, Videos

Experience the Journey of the World’s Largest Car Transporter
Step aboard the Höegh Trapper, the largest automobile transporter in the world, and discover the incredible process of shipping cars from one side of the globe to the other.
The massive 200-meter long and 36-meter wide vessel boasts a gigantic cargo area of over 71,000 square meters. Capable of hauling 8,500 cars and heavy machines of any kind, the Höegh Trapper embarks on a 28,000-kilometer journey laden with thousands of cars lining its enormous hull.
Starting in Antwerp, Port Captain Per Henningsen races against time to load 1,000 cars in less than 16 hours. He then moves on to Bremerhaven, Germany, where another 2,000 cars and 200 high-and-heavy units await loading. With a sea of unknown cargo, Henningsen worries about whether the steel giant can accommodate all the cargo onboard!
The journey continues to England, France, and Spain and circles around the Atlantic Ocean to ports in the US and Jamaica before passing through the Panama Canal onto the Pacific all the way to New Zealand and Australia. And it’s all done in just fifty days!
Despite the Panama Canal’s century-old design of maximum width 32.3 meters, which poses difficulties for larger ships, the Höegh Trapper becomes the first behemoth vessel to make it across the oceanway with a clearance of under 10 meters on both sides.
Watch the documentary and witness the massive scale of the Höegh Trapper and the skill and expertise required to complete its 28,000-kilometer journey in record time.

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