Germany: The discreet lives of the super rich

Apr 27, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

“Top of the World” explores the intriguing world of the super-rich in Germany, revealing the stark reality of the country’s wealth inequality. With one percent of Germans owning more than a quarter of the nation’s assets and half of the population devoid of any wealth, this documentary delves into the lives and thoughts of the rich and powerful who have it all.

In an era where poverty and social inequality are persistent themes dominating the media, the super-rich have remained an enigma, rarely venturing out into the public spotlight. This investigative documentary takes viewers on a journey into the discreet and luxurious world of the wealthy, speaking to billionaires and business moguls such as Dirk Rossmann, Michael Otto, and Rainer Schaller, who share their thoughts on money, justice, and the fears and challenges of their lofty positions in society. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a glimpse into this elusive and exclusive stratum of German society, and discover what it truly means to be at the “Top of the World”.

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David B