Germany Decides – German election road trip

Oct 9, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

As the German society becomes increasingly polarized with the upcoming 19th German Bundestag election, the minds of the people are in a state of turmoil. Who will run Germany later this year, Chancellor Angela Merkel or Social Democrats’ candidate Martin Schulz? What has caused this drifting apart of the society in Germany? How do refugees feel in Germany after the incident of thousands pouring into the country in the autumn of 2015?
Embark on an insightful journey with two Deutsche Welle journalists, Sumi Somaskanda and Nina Haase-Trobridge, as they set out to explore the mood of the German voter in the documentary. Traveling from Saxony to Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg to North Rhine-Westphalia, they meet various people, including young right-wingers, managers, politicians, as well as the politically disillusioned. Witness the stories of people’s struggles, their opinions, and their aspirations in the changing political landscape of Germany. How will the nation shape its future and shape its standing in the world? Discover the answer in this must-watch documentary.

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David B