German election: Rejuvenating politics

Nov 25, 2023 | People, Political, Videos

Less than 2 percent of German lawmakers are under 30 years old. But two young candidates want to buck the trend and change the face of politics.
Kassem Taher Saleh, originally from Iraq, is campaigning for climate-friendly building policies as a member of the Greens in Dresden. Wiebke Winter, a CDU candidate in Bremen, is making a name for herself as the youngest member of the party’s national executive. Doing a doctorate in medical law, she has co-founded an organisation that aims to push for climate issues in the CDU. Both Kassem and Wiebke represent the hopes and dreams of their parties but they have faced hurdles and prejudice, especially in the former communist east of the country. What is it like for young people who go into politics? Find out in this upcoming documentary by Leonie von Hammerstein.

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David B