Georgia between Europe and Stalin

Sep 6, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Join writer Davit Gabunia on a moving journey through his native Georgia as he explores the country’s past and present, guided by his profound personal connection to the land. Gabunia’s cousin, Shalva, was killed in the Georgian-Russian War of 2008, and for ten years, he did not dare to return to his home country. Now, he travels across Georgia to explore the country’s conflicts, its history, and its culture.
Accompanied by his black notebook, in which he meticulously records all that he sees and hears, Gabunia talks with demonstrators in the capital, Tbilisi, visits the Stalin Museum, and delves into the complexities of the ongoing conflict in South Ossetia. Along the way, he meets farmers’ wives, learns how the conflict affects everyday people, and creates a panoramic picture of contemporary Georgia. Don’t miss this personal and emotional journey into the heart of a country that captivates us all.

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David B