Generation Putin

May 21, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In a country where an authoritarian leader has held power for over two decades, a generation of young Russians has come of age. Vladimir Putin’s influence has had a profound impact on their lives and shaped their understanding of their homeland. But as the world watches Russia’s increasingly aggressive actions, some of these millennials have begun to question their leader and his promises of freedom.
In this revealing documentary, viewers are taken on a journey from St. Petersburg to Eastern Siberia to explore the thoughts and beliefs of young Russians. Some fiercely support Putin, while others long for democracy and change. As cameras enter a closed Siberian city and a Muslim village in Tatarstan, the viewer is granted access to perspectives that are rarely seen. Through interviews with opposition activists and Putin loyalists, this film delves into the complex and nuanced political landscape of a country grappling with its future while trying to come to terms with its past.

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David B