From Rio to Lima – Transoceânica, the world’s longest bus journey (3/5)

Jul 5, 2023 | Travel, Videos

From Brazil to Peru via the Andes, the bus crosses its first international border as it continues its trip through the Amazon of South America. This section of the Transoceânica highway is known as the “Gold Road”, where fortune hunters and adventurers illegally pan for gold.
Deep in the Amazon rainforest, the illegal practice of gold panning is endangering the environment and human lives. Despite regular police raids, the prospectors continue to return to their sites and block the highway, causing chaos and unrest in the region. A new documentary, told from the perspective of the local authorities and the people affected by this growing crisis, sheds light on this dangerous underground world and the efforts to put an end to it. Don’t miss this compelling story of gold, greed, and survival in the heart of the jungle.

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David B