From Rio to Lima – Transoceânica, the world’s longest bus journey (2/5)

Jul 4, 2023 | People, Travel, Videos

Traveling along the Transoceânica highway through South America, the next stop is the Amazon basin in Brazil. Once home to the Suri people, the rainforest is now shrinking due to deforestation, taking with it the indigenous tribes who lived there. However, the Suri who remain continue their fight to protect their homeland.
As the longest bus route in the world continues through Rondônia, the bustling life of the locals becomes apparent. But, as the bus nears Vista Alegre do Abunã, the path forward becomes challenging. Will the bus make it past the flaming barricade erected by the enraged villagers? A journey with twists and turns, witness the fight for survival of the indigenous people and their passion for preserving the rainforest in this enlightening documentary.

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David B