From Mount Etna to Palermo: Exploring Sicily, Italy – Mediterranean journey |

Aug 24, 2023 | People, Social, Travel, Videos

In this travel documentary, viewers are invited to explore Sicily, Italy’s largest island, through the eyes of journalist Sineb El Masrar. Sineb takes us on a journey that covers the island’s cuisine, history, culture, and stunning landscapes.
Starting with the island’s citrus industry, Sineb visits organic citrus farmer Manfredi Grinaudi and Enrica Arena, whose company makes clothing from citrus fruit peel. She then journeys to Catania to watch a breathtaking performance by the famous “Fratelli Napoli” family of puppeteers, before climbing Europe’s highest active volcano, Mount Etna, and learning about it from volcanologist Giuseppe Salerno.
The documentary also takes a look at Palermo, the bustling capital of Sicily, which was once considered a stronghold of the Sicilian mafia, until residents fought back. Sineb visits Mayor Leoluca Orlando, who helps people rescuing refugees at sea, and Chiara Utro from the anti-mafia movement “Addiopizzo”. Finally, she tastes the exquisite products of a local chocolate manufacturer in Modica..

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