From FRAT PARTY to 25 Year NIGHTMARE | The Enraging Case of Kristin Smart

Jul 16, 2023 | Crime, Videos

For 25 years, the disappearance of Kristin Smart has remained a mystery. On May 25th, 1996, Kristin – a freshman at California Polytechnic State University – attended a party without her usual group of friends. She was later found passed out in the yard and disappeared shortly thereafter. Her disappearance gained even more attention when Paul Flores and his father Ruben Flores were subpoenaed due to their possible involvement with the case.

Since then, investigators have worked tirelessly to uncover what happened to Kristin Smart and bring closure to her family. However, the case remains unresolved as we still don’t know exactly what happened to this vibrant young woman. The recent release of a documentary exploring the case has brought renewed interest into this tragic story, reigniting hope that we can finally find out what happened to Kristin Smart after all these years.

The documentary is an eye-opening look into one of America’s most infamous unsolved mysteries. It brings together firsthand accounts from people close to the investigation such as detectives, journalists, and lawyers who offer unique perspectives on how they have worked together in pursuit of justice for Kristin Smart and her family. Through interviews with people connected to the case over the past 25 years, it takes viewers on an emotional journey as each layer of this complex story is peeled back and revealed.

This documentary offers an incredible opportunity for viewers to learn more about Kristen Smart’s life and gain insight into why justice has been so hard-fought for her family for so long. By watching this gripping story unfold before our eyes, we can not only pay tribute to Kristin but also help contribute to finally bringing closure and peace for those affected by this tragedy after 25 long years.

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David B