Forced into prostitution: to hell and back

Dec 9, 2023 | People, Videos

For Camilla from Nigeria, the dream of a better life in Europe turned into a never-ending nightmare. Lured by the promise of a better future, she embarked on a journey that would take her far away from home, but it would also leave her trapped in a vicious cycle of exploitation and abuse.
For seven years, Camilla was forced to work as a prostitute, sold from one trafficker to the next, while her captors pocketed the profits. Her escape was a miracle, but her return home was just the beginning of another struggle, as she attempted to rebuild her life and find a way to heal the wounds of her past.In this powerful new documentary, we follow Camilla’s journey from victim to survivor, as she tries to come to terms with the trauma of her experience and find hope for the future.

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David B