The documentary takes you on a thrilling journey, meeting the people who keep this mammoth industry running smoothly. From pilots to warehouse workers, everyone plays a vital role in ensuring goods reach their destination on time and in good condition.
One such example is Liege airport, where our cameras captured the chaos caused by 61 highly strung show-jumping horses bound for a prestigious Hong Kong event. Despite the mayhem, the dedicated staff at Liege airport work tirelessly to make sure these precious animals are loaded safely and quickly.
But air freight isn’t just about animals. In fact, the world’s biggest fresh food market is also heavily reliant on air freight to deliver tonnes of fresh produce to destinations around the world. Our cameras take you on board flights filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, highlighting the important role air freight plays in feeding the world.
Mega Air also showcases some of the more peculiar items transported in aircraft that beggar belief. We follow the Irish Air Corp as they perform vital UN training by flying a huge engineering bridge via helicopter, demonstrating the huge scope of air freight as an industry.
To maintain this high level of performance in air freight, the documentary highlights the importance of continuous improvement and innovation. Indeed, the viewer is reminded that the industry is always looking for new ways to improve efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.
If you’re looking for a thrilling ride behind the scenes of the air freight industry, Mega Air is a must-watch. With extraordinary processes, mind-boggling items, and phenomenal people, this documentary will leave you in awe of what goes on behind the scenes. Don’t miss this opportunity to watch the action-packed world of air freight in action.