Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse

Jan 30, 2023 | Conspiracy, Videos

Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse is a documentary that takes on the subject of what happens to UFO wreckage. According to some experts the UFO wreckage and even the pilots are transported to a top-secret facility in Dayton, Ohio called “Hangar 18″ located on Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

In this documentary draws upon stories and accounts of elected officials, UFO researchers, and former base employees. They create a tale of flying saucer debris, alien bodies, cryogenic chambers and a vast underground network that may hold the secrets to the UFO mystery.

The documentary raises the question if there is actually an attempt to conceal UFO evidence from the highest branches in the U.S. Government, or is it all just a myth.

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Riyan H.