Fleeing war in Ukraine – Tanya’s story

Oct 7, 2023 | Military/War, People, Social, Videos

Tanya lived a wonderful life in Kyiv until Russian bombs began raining all over the city. Fleeing with only a rucksack and a bag, she left her beloved home and her husband behind. After reaching Germany, she is now desperate for the German government to act and save her country. Tanya stands with a poster that reads, “I want my life back”; this sentiment echoes the feelings of millions of Ukrainians affected by the war.
The documentary showcases Tanya’s story along with the lives of countless Ukrainians. It narrates their challenges, their struggles, and their heartrending journeys. It presents a poignant narration of people who have lost everything – family, home, and hope. Through the heartrending stories of the displaced people, it reveals the harsh realities of war and the inner strength of individuals searching for safety and a prosperous future.

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David B