Fighting poverty with fish

Oct 15, 2023 | Economics, Environmental, Social, Videos

Mouhamed Mbaye dreams of launching an import-export business that would facilitate the transportation of fresh, sustainably caught fish from his native Senegal to Germany, where he resides. His vision, if successful, would create a steady stream of jobs and bolster the struggling local economy. But, as a recent report by Eva Beyer and Ralph Weihermann highlights, the road ahead is fraught with challenges.
One major hurdle lies in the strict hygiene regulations that must be met in order to transport perishable goods over long distances. The refrigeration supply chain must remain unbroken from Senegal’s shores to Germany’s markets, no mean feat in a region known for its blazing year-round temperatures. Undeterred, Mbaye travels to Senegal to oversee preparations, determined to bring his dream to fruition. Will he succeed in launching an enterprise that would benefit not just himself, but the entire community? Watch the upcoming documentary to find out.

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David B