Fighter Jet: War Machine Heavy Maintenance | Mega Pit Stops

Jun 16, 2023 | Aviation, Technology, Videos

The Saab “Gripen” JAS 39 fighter jet is a world-renowned aircraft that’s widely considered as one of the best. At the Czech Air Force Base in Caslav, the jet undergoes the most extensive overhaul of its lifetime.
In just 40 days, 11 mechanics undertake the enormous task of stripping down and checking all of the aircraft’s components. The Gripen fleet at the airbase is part of the NATO “Quick Reaction Alert” Force, responsible for protecting the airspace. The machinists perform a thorough review of the hydraulic system, all moving parts, the oil, and the ejection seat to ensure the aircraft’s reliability.
The engine and weapon system checks are arguably the most crucial parts of this process, as the turbine is the Gripen’s heart, and the weapon system is its fist. During this complete overhaul, each fault found in the aircraft could result in significant delays to the operational schedule.
If you are interested in learning more about this incredible fighter jet and the incredible work done by the team of dedicated mechanics, check out the gripping “Gripen Fighter Jet Overhaul” documentary – it’s not to be missed!

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David B