Facing Goliath

Apr 24, 2022 | Sports, Videos

Facing Goliath is an inspiring documentary film that demonstrates how Ray Taylor, a man in his fifties, about to lose his eye-sight, transcends above the limitations of the corporeal, and journeys beyond his own and his friend Sebastian’s expectations!

Taylor wanted to avoid depression and for this purpose his friend Sebastian, a natural bodybuilder, challenged him to a twelve-week physique transformation; Ray lost 40 pounds as a result.

Sebastian, who had originally wanted to compete in and win the non-drug tested national bodybuilding stage, saw the strength of determination in his friend which was far stronger than the muscular build up and began to inspire ray to become a muscular specimen to undermine his foreboding blindness.

Sebastian had originally believed that Ray would be inspired and awe struck by watching his trainer rise onward to national competitive victory, but after failing to reach his competitive goals, Sebastian witnesses Ray achieving more than anyone thought possible by dint of sheer belief that there are no limits to anyone’s capabilities.

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Riyan H.