Extreme World Record Attempt, Risky Landings, Cops in Miami | Mavericks Unlimited

Dec 15, 2023 | Aviation, Videos

On this thrilling episode of “Mavericks Unlimited,” we take a deep dive into the world’s most unique and daring beach. Saint Martin in the Caribbean is home to an airport that flies planes just a few metres above the tourists that line the beach below. While some thrill seekers may try to resist the powerful forces created by these aircraft engines, it can come at a great cost and risk.

The show also features an extreme world record attempt with a diver plunging to depths of over 60 metres in icy waters without the use of breathing apparatus. This feat takes courage, skill, and immense mental strength – all of which you’ll get to witness first hand.

Lastly, you’ll join the police on patrol in Miami as they deal with drugs and guns on a daily basis. It is not for the faint of heart!

This exciting documentary offers something for everyone who wants to see what life is like in some of the world’s most daring location

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David B