Extreme Jobs: Stuntman, Parapsychologist, Wetland Cowboy | Retro Doc

Sep 7, 2023 | Lifestyle, People, Videos

We have all heard the old adage of working hard to achieve our dreams. However, how many of us have stopped to consider what that actually looks like? What must we do to attain our most coveted goals? Our curiosity piqued, we traveled around the world to find some of the most remarkable individuals who have accomplished extraordinary feats. We explored their triumphs and tried to understand how they did it, what motivated them, and what it takes to conquer the most daunting of obstacles. The result is a documentary film like no other.
This film is an intimate, insider exposé of the hard work, grit, and determination that drive people to do incredible things. From Siberian forest firefighters battling raging blazes to the man who hunts anacondas barefoot, and from an anti-terrorist airline unit to a ghostbuster, to a cattle driver taking 1000 cattle across a deadly swamp, this documentary chronicles the accomplishments of these incredible people.

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David B