Eva’s story is one of desperation, pain, and the search for answers. It all started with a rash that would not go away, no matter what she did. Eva did the sensible thing and went to the doctors, and then began a round-robin of specialist visits. She saw every kind of specialist under the sun, hoping to find a diagnosis or an answer. But every time she hoped to find a cure, she was left with disappointment and frustration. Before long, Eva was having to resort to taking steroids daily to keep her outbreaks in check.
“HEAL” is a film that follows the journey of several people like Eva, seeking healing outside the traditional modes of Western Medicine. It is an exploration of natural healing methods such as meditation, energy healing, sound therapy and hypnotherapy, and shows how these methods have the potential to bring about a remarkable transformation in people’s lives.
As the film progresses, we see Eva being introduced to different types of more natural healing modalities in hopes that she would find the answers and healing she was looking for. There is no hesitation on her part in trying these new interventions, in the hope that she can find the root of her illness. It’s a race against time to find healing for Eva, but the documentary’s power lies not only in the quest for healing but also in the path Eva takes towards it.