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Jun 21, 2023 | Media, Military/War, People, Political, Videos

The documentary, ‘From Pristina to Berkeley’, follows the lives of three individuals from vastly different backgrounds but with a shared mission: to bridge the divide between two worlds. Tim Garton Ash, Haki Abazi and Wolfgang Schmidt are three remarkable individuals whose work has the potential to alter the narrative of what it means to be a global citizen.

Tim Garton Ash is an award-winning professor of European Studies at the University of Oxford. His groundbreaking research into identity politics and international security has earned him esteemed recognition from institutions all over the world. He is one of few people who understand how Europe’s history and culture inform its current political landscape – particularly in regards to migration and rights issues.

Haki Abazi is a member of Kosovo’s Parliament and Chairman of its Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora. As a migrant himself, he understands first hand the difficulties associated with leaving home for a new country. His experience gives him unique insight into creating lasting connections between two places that can bridge cultural gaps and establish a mutual understanding between them.

Wolfgang Schmidt is Germany’s Federal Minister for Special Affairs and Head of the Chancellery. Born in East Berlin, he was part of an exodus that saw millions leave their homes after World War II in search for a better life abroad. Through his own journey, he understands what it takes to build successful relationships between countries despite differences in language, culture or politics.


Lastly, Sören Urbansky is a Research Fellow and Head of Office at Pacific Regional Office of the German Historical Institute Washington. He specializes in transnational history which looks at how people interact across borders through various social networks – such as family connections or online media – connecting them irrespective of their physical distance from one another.

These four inspiring individuals have dedicated their lives to connecting people across boundaries through research, policy decisions or dialogues. ‘From Pristina to Berkeley’ follows their stories as they come together to promote cross-cultural solidarity in an increasingly divided world.. This thought provoking documentary not only highlights each person’s individual contribution but also encourages us all to strive towards finding common ground among our differences – making it essential viewing for any individual concerned with global affairs today!

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