England: Tudors

May 21, 2022 | History, Videos

After the War of the Roses between houses Lancaster and York, England throne was seized by the House of Tudor who had the right to the England throne since 1485 until 1603. The first monarch was Henry VII who was a descendant of the English royal House of Lancaster. He reinforced his throne claims by marriage with Elizabeth of York uniting the fractions in one dynasty.The Tudors maintained the claim to the kingdom of France.

In total, five Tudor monarchs ruled their domain in a century. Henry VII (1457-1509) claimed the throne and started the Tudor dynasty, after his death Henry VIII(1509-1547) claimed the throne, during his leadership he secured the borders of the England and England Parliament enacted laws breaking ties with Rome and declared King Supreme Head of the Church. After his death, his son Edvard VI claimed the throne but he was too young to rule so his mother Jane ruled for him (1547-1553). Henry VIII daughter Mary seized the crown, she was known as the Bloody Mary because she wanted Vatican church back in England, and she terrorised all to accomplish that. Before she managed to reinstate Vatican Church Mary died and on England throne came younger daughter of Henry VIII Elizabeth I(1533-1603). Elizabeth secured the Church of England and won against the Spanish Armada which was considered the strongest armada of the world and with that victory England armada became the strongest armada od the world. This allowed England to conquer other countries.

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