Egyptian women and the Arab Spring (1/2)

Oct 4, 2023 | Justice, Social, Videos

After the 2011 Arab Spring, Egypt exploded in protests against the Mubarak regime. Amidst the violence, women participating in public protests became targets of sexual and physical abuse. But Hend Nafea, Khadiga Hennawi, and Mariam Kirollos refused to be silenced. They fought tirelessly for the inclusion of women in the objectives of the Arab uprisings and demanded that the slogan “Bread, freedom and social justice for all” apply to all Egyptians.
Despite criticism from their families and counteractive red tape, these women are willing to take on anyone to realize their vision. As one of the central figures of the protests, Hend Nafea was sexually abused by the military and is determined to seek justice in court. She remains resolute in her convictions amidst human rights violations rampant in the country. ‘Days of Wrath’ offers an unflinching look into the brave women fighting for justice and freedom against all odds in Egypt after the Arab Spring.

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David B