Drugs, Inc. – Heroin

Nov 9, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

Drugs have become a multi-billion dollar industry that has spread its tentacles all across the globe. From the cartels in Mexico to the inner cities in the United States, it is an incredibly destructive and dangerous force that has caused incalculable violence and suffering.

Heroin, an opium derivative, is one of the deadliest drugs on the planet. It causes intense addiction and can lead to death for those who cannot shake its grasp. This documentary takes viewers on a journey deep into its production—from an Afghan heroin lab where raw materials are processed to Chicago, where dealers ready it for sale on the streets—and finally to New Jersey, where police raid a distribution network. Along the way, interviews with users reveal their harrowing stories of addiction and how they fell into this trap.

This documentary offers a compelling look at both sides of this highly lucrative industry. From poor workers providing vital income to cartel leaders becoming billionaires, from those overcome by addiction to those finding solace in drugs—the documentary provides viewers with a nuanced understanding of these issues. It encourages us to consider our own stances and ask tough questions about where the lines should be drawn in this complicated issue.

For anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of drugs and addictions, this documentary is highly recommended viewing that paints a powerful portrait of these issues.

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David B