Drugs, Inc. – Cocaine

Nov 8, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

The international illicit drug industry is estimated to be worth a staggering $300 billion. Cocaine is one of the major drugs that make up this industry and it has severe implications for all involved in its production, trafficking, selling and consumption. This episode of the documentary series will take an in-depth look at the impact of the cocaine trade on those who are adversely affected by it.

We will start our journey with a look at the small-scale farmers in South America who grow the raw material necessary for producing cocaine. For many of them, growing coca represents their only source of income, yet with little to no regulation or oversight in place, they find themselves vulnerable to exploitation from traffickers and cartels who control access to lucrative markets.

We will then move onto Mexico, where we will follow a trafficker whose links to drug cartels allow him access to vast amounts of money and power. We will also turn our attention to Miami’s poorest neighborhoods where 28 year old crack dealers have been struck down by poverty and police brutality as they attempt to make a living from selling the drugs they buy from Mexico.

Finally, we will examine how cocaine addiction ravages its victims with revolutionary brain photography research taking place in Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York City. This episode promises to be an eye-opening exploration into a dark world which continues operating unnoticed while delivering misery to millions across the globe every day.

By shedding light on some very real issues surrounding cocaine use, this documentary highlights why it’s so important that we fully understand all aspects of this devastating problem. With such engaging stories on display, viewers are sure to be captivated from start to finish – making this must-see viewing for anyone wanting an illuminating insight into life around cocaine today.

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David B