Dr. David Hamilton – Could Kindness Be A Key To Overcoming Pain?

Dec 24, 2023 | Health, Videos

In this episode of The HEAL Podcast, host Dr. David Hamilton explores why holistic therapies, the placebo and the incredible healing power of are scientifically backed.

A former organic chemist with a PhD in organic chemistry, Dr. Hamilton worked in R&D for the pharmaceutical industry, developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. After leaving the industry to write books and educate people on how they can harness the power of their mind and emotions to improve their mental and physical health, he has released his new book “Why Woo Woo Works” which dives into the science behind these therapies.

Combining decades of scientific research with his personal experience as both a patient and practitioner, Dr. Hamilton debunks common misconceptions about traditional medicines while providing an explanation for why many holistic treatments have become popular methods for healing ailments ranging from anxiety to chronic pain. From acupuncture to energy healing, Dr. Hamilton explains why these alternative treatments are more than just spiritual mumbo jumbo – they actually work!

The discussion between Dr. Hamilton and The HEAL Podcast is sure to be eye-opening for skeptics or believers alike; it illuminates both the empirical evidence that supports these treatments as well as provides a unique understanding into why they have been so successful in helping millions of people find relief from their ailments.

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