Dr. Bernie Siegel – Laughter Heals

Jun 15, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

The world-renowned physician, Bernie Siegel, M.D., believes that laughter is essential for healing. In the bonus features of the acclaimed documentary, HEAL, Siegel explains just how important it can be for recovery. As he states in the film, “You can’t be afraid when you are laughing.”

This sentiment has long been shared throughout the medical community and continues to grow in popularity today; even people with serious illnesses and disabilities have found that laughter can provide relief from stress and anxiety that comes with managing a chronic condition or disability.

The benefits of laughter go far beyond just reducing stress levels: it also stimulates brain activity which can help enhance memory and aid with learning new skills. It also encourages healthy emotional expression which allows us to process our feelings in a more positive way. Additionally, it has been found to boost immunity by releasing endorphins that help reduce inflammation and increase white blood cell count – all important components of a strong immune system!

Laughter has also been found to lower blood pressure, reduce pain levels, improve digestion, increase circulation and oxygen intake, as well as promote better sleep quality. Needless to say, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests laughing is an effective tool for overall wellbeing – one that should not be overlooked!

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David B