Down the Deep, Dark Web

Sep 1, 2023 | Social, Technology, Videos

The internet we all know and love, sometimes referred to as the ‘surface web’, is often only a fraction of what lies underneath. Down The Deep Dark Web is an insightful documentary which takes us on a journey beyond the surface web into the mysterious depths of the darknet.

The darknet is an untraceable corner of the internet that remains hidden from mainstream search engines and can only be accessed with specific software or configurations. Here you’ll find illicit markets for drugs, stolen goods, hacked accounts and weaponry; as well as a platform for freedom fighters, cybercrime watchmen, tech experts and those seeking anonymity in their online activities.

Journalist Yuval Orr is our guide throughout this exploration into cyber darkness. Tasked with writing an article on the topic, he dives deep down the rabbit hole to uncover some startling truths about this unknown world. Through his searches he travels to Tel Aviv, Prague and Berlin; meeting with influential figures and uncovering stories which will surprise even the most knowledgeable among us.

Down The Deep Dark Web poses questions about whether this murky corner of cyberspace could be a glimpse into a twisted dystopian future or perhaps even our saviour from an Orwellian reality we might already be living in? This thought-provoking documentary provides an eye-opening account of life beneath the surface web and encourages viewers to ponder how far society has come technologically as well as ethically in such a short space of time.

If you’re curious about life behind the shroud of darkness then Down The Deep Dark Web offers a fascinating glimpse into this unknown realm – but heed caution before you take your first steps!

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David B