Discovering Religion

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Welcome to Discovering Religion – an original series on the discrepancies between the literal belief in religious mythology and the cold hard facts of evolution and the scientific discoveries of the 21st century on Earth and the Universe.

Here is an excerpt from the YouTube channel description of the manufacturer of this documentary: “I’ve been asked several times to clarify the nature of my beliefs, as the title of my series is a bit ambiguous. Neither I nor anyone can say with 100 % certainty whether “God (s)” does or does not exist.

Therefore, the objective of this series is to examine what religious philosophies tell us about where we are and where we go, then compare and contrast these views against the undisputed facts discovered about the Earth and the Universe through rigorous scientific research. From my own investigation of these facts I have determined that the Bible accurately describes the known universe and therefore is not something you can put what I believe.

Although they have come to understand the God of Abraham is very unlikely that there is, I want my show to convey a sense of objectivity. There has been a recent trend among many popular channels on YouTube to beat atheist to religion or disparage belief in a higher power. I see no difference between this and pass moral judgments on someone for being gay or for holding a contrary political opinion.

Theist or atheist, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, etc. etc. – makes no difference what you think or feel better way to live your life, provided the same rights and freedoms that are extended to all like the world.

I hope that both theists and theists alike can enjoy this series. I understand that there are many different ways in which to take one’s life, and although many of us personally disagree with each other for moral, religious or philosophical beliefs, opposing views must be respected. However, our relationship with the facts must come before everything else. “

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