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Oct 29, 2023 | Health, Videos

The Mind Hidden and Divided is a must-see documentary that explores how experiences that take place below the surface of our consciousness shape and impact our behavior, moods, and overall mental health. This program dives into repression, false memory syndromes, hypnosis, and split-brain cases to illustrate how unconscious forces are at play in our lives. Through interviews with renowned psychologists such as Dr. Jonathan Schooler of the University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Michael Gazzaniga from Dartmouth College, viewers are exposed to fascinating research about the self-identity, social determinants of self-conceptions and emotional consequences of beliefs about oneself.

The documentary further delves into the field of psychological assessment which involves professionals assigning values to different abilities and personalities. The show features insight from experts such as Stanford University’s Dr. Claude Steele and Yale University’s Dr. Robert Sternberg on this captivating topic. In addition, Sex and Gender examines the similarities between men and women as well as how gender roles reflect society’s values through wisdom from two renowned psychologists – McGill University’s Dr. Michael Meaney and Stanford’s Dr. Eleanor Maccoby .

The thought provoking documentary additionally covers aging through examinations done by Stanford’s Dr. Laura Carstensen and Penn State University’s Dr. Sherry Willis about what happens physically and psychologically when people age in addition to society’s reactions towards life’s final stages. Additionally, The Power of the Situation provides viewers with insight into how others can influence us through subtle situational forces by featuring Harvard’s Dr Ellen Langer alongside Stanford’s Dr Philip Zimbardo who discuss social psychology studies on human behavior conducted within a broader social context .

Furthermore, Constructing Social Reality looks at various factors that contribute to an individual’s interpretation of reality while highlighting Steven Hassan from Freedom of Mind Resource Center along with Arizona State University’s Dr Robert Cialdini as they reveal methods for understanding psychological processes governing our behavior which help us become more independent members of society . Additionally Psychopathology introduces mental illness including schizophrenia , phobias , affective disorders while describing both biological & psychological factors influencing these afflictions via interviews with the National Institute Of Mental Health ‘s late Dr E Fuller Torrey & Virginia ‘ s Irvin Gottesman .

The documentary’s exploration continues as it surveys the relationships between therapy theory , research & actual practice as it delves into historical , cultural & social forces affecting treatments for psychological disorders with Vanderbilt university ‘ s Hans Strupp & Rollo May being featured prominently in this portion . Health , Mind & Behavior sheds light on bio-psychosocial models replacing traditional biomedical models showcasing Judith Rodin from UPenn & Neal Miller from Yale in order to understand better complexities between mind & body .

Finally Applying Psychology To Life investigates innovative ways psychology is applied practically featuring Malcolm Cohen from NASA Ames Research Center , Stephen Ceci from Cornell University alongside James Maas also from Cornell regarding topics such as law , conflict resolution in addition to Human Factors amongst others . Cognitive Neuroscience rounds out the documentary exploring mental processes at a neurological level featuring John Gabrieli from Stanford Uni & Stephen Kosslyn From Harvard discussing dramatic advances in recent years that have been made in relation to Psychological Research . Finally Cultural Psychology ties everything together looking at cross cultural research integrating psychology , anthropology amongst other sciences all whilst examining how cultures construct selves along with beliefs , values & emotions via experts Hazel Markus (Stanford) Kaipeng Peng (Cal Berkeley) along side Ricardo Muñoz (Cal SF/SF General Hospital).

For any individual interested in gaining insight into their own mental health or simply learning more about psychology The Mind Hidden And Divided offers an incredibly powerful journey through some of its most interesting topics presented by leading authorities on each subject matter – making it essential viewing for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding into themselves or those around them!

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