Dictatorship, Paranoia, Famine: Welcome to North Korea!

May 13, 2023 | Military/War, People, Social, Videos

North Korea is a country shrouded in mystery, with its tightly guarded borders and extreme control over its citizens. Now, for the first time, travelers can get a rare glimpse into this world during an incredible three-week journey.

Claude, Henri and Jacqueline are three French tourists that had the unique opportunity to travel through North Korea. For 8500 euros, they got to witness firsthand the oppressive conditions of life in this world’s last great communist dictatorship.

It was an eye-opening experience for the travelers who saw cities without cars, empty shops and casinos with no money. They also experienced food rationing and were subjected to mandatory visits and propaganda as well as forced tributes to the eternal president of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came at a price; nothing could be bought or sold outside of what was approved by government officials – even souvenirs were strictly limited.

Although it was a harrowing experience for these brave tourists, their journey provided valuable insight into life in North Korea and shines a light on the country’s oppressive regime. For those wishing to learn more about this fascinating country, a documentary based on Claude, Henri and Jacqueline’s journey is now available for viewing. It gives unique insights into one of the most closed countries in the world as it prepares for the rise to power of Kim Jong Un—grandson of Kim Il Sung—and further explores how 23 million North Koreans are surviving in absolute misery without any freedom or basic rights typically taken for granted elsewhere in the world.

The documentary ‘Voyage en Corée du Nord: les secrets d’un pays interdit’ (A Journey Through North Korea: Secrets from Forbidden Land) offers viewers an amazing chance to delve deep into North Korean culture while learning more about its people and customs. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just entertainment value, this remarkable documentary will surely not disappoint!

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