Leonardo Di Caprio has said it over and over, we need to be more aware of the troubles our planet is facing, and the challenges of helping the environment and preserving life on Earth. Let’s be honest for a moment, while it is true that our planet will survive long after we are gone from this world, the legacy we leave behind will stay.

Humans, and society in general, are hurting and destroying ecosystems, animals are becoming extinct, and we are affecting the future of the Earth more than we know. What have you done to help? And what can we do to help?

A community in Australia has come together, and they are exploring a simpler way to live. There is no chaos, no stress, no dynamic lifestyle. They are living a very sustainable live in their community. They build tiny houses, they plant vegetable gardens, and practice simple living.

Does it sound plausible for you? Check the educational documentary of their way of life. In order to understand something, we need to see how it works. You don’t need to start a community right away. Sometimes, even the smallest changes help.