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May 12, 2022 | Lifestyle, Social, Videos

The Skeleton Coast is one of the more famous places in Africa. Covering a narrow strip, the area covers part of the Atlantic Ocean coast of Namibia, and then goes to the south of Angola. The area is also described as the Namib Desert.

John Henry Marsh invented the name, when he used it as a title for his book in 1944. Since then, the Skeleton Coast has been part of many documentaries, but also Hollywood movies (Skeleton Coast from 1988 covering the Angola Civil War).

The Desert of Skeletons documentary covers several parts of the area, but focuses mainly on the history of the area. It all starts in 1486, when Diego Cao set foot on the coast. He was the first European to set foot there. However, it wasn’t until the Germans came in 1883 and set the first settlement. In 1904, a war broke between the local population and the Germans.

The documentary covers the settlements of the coast, but also the lifestyle of Bushmen. The local population is known for their hunting skills, with their most powerful weapons below ground.

As for their sexuality, locals practice polygamy. Women are free to have sex with whoever they like as long as their husband gives permission. However, being a first wife has its privileges. The sacred fire is a central part of the culture, as all gather around the fire after the hunt.

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Riyan H.