Dennis Nilsen’s First Kill

Aug 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Dennis Nilsen was a troubled man, having had a difficult upbringing and an inability to form strong relationships with the people around him. In 1975, after years of loneliness, Nilsen met David Gallichan and the two of them moved in together into a garden flat in North London. Although Gallichan acted as housekeeper, tensions began to build between them as time went on. Eventually these tensions resulted in Galichan leaving Nilsen, setting off what became one of Britain’s most notorious killing sprees.

What followed were months of conflict and chaos as police tried to identify the serial killer they believed was responsible for multiple murders across London. It was only after his arrest that Nilsen’s full story came to light – that he had systematically killed at least 12 young men – most who were homeless or living on the fringes of society – and kept their bodies hidden in his home.

The events surrounding Dennis Nilsen’s extraordinary life are explored in great detail in the ITV documentary Des: The Story Of Dennis Nilsen. This gripping drama-documentary focuses on the intense psychological battles between Nilsen and Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay as Jay attempts to uncover what happened during his horrific killing spree through extensive questioning sessions.

Based on real events, Des brilliantly brings to life this captivating story of ambition, loss, grief and redemption. With powerful performances from actors such as David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Daniel Mays (Line Of Duty), Des is a must watch for anyone interested in crime documentaries or true crime stories. So if you’re looking for an insight into one of Britain’s worst serial killers then be sure to tune into Des: The Story Of Dennis Nilsen when it airs soon!

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