This controversial documentary, “The Occult Experience,” is an exploration of the mysterious and misunderstood world of occultism. It interviews experts from various traditions, such as the founders of the Temple of Set, Michael Aquino and Lillith Aquino. Additionally, it features clips from Anton Lavey’s Satanic bible and displays H.R. Giger’s art work.

The film highlights interviews with experienced practitioners about their beliefs and practices in the occult. It touches on topics such as ritual magick, astral projection, and demonic possession. This helps to give a more informed understanding of what it means to follow an occult path. Furthermore, it looks into how these beliefs can be used on a spiritual level to gain insight into one’s own being and connect with something bigger than ourselves.

For those who are looking for an enlightening experience into the unknown realms of occultism, this documentary is perfect for you! It offers a look into many aspects of it that could not be seen through traditional education or research alone – providing a unique perspective on its history and philosophy. By seeing how everyday people use these ideas in their lives, viewers will come away with a better understanding of why people choose to practice occultism despite its often dim view in popular culture.

So if you are interested in learning more about the Occult Experience then make sure to check out this remarkable documentary! Its insightful look at occultism will certainly leave viewers enlightened and ready to explore further realms of this mysterious topic!